Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects or poor
performance derived from such defects. The product will be covered by a
1 year period from the end user purchase date.
The warranty will remain valid unless the product has not been operated properly.
in accordance with the instructions and manuals provided or if the malfunction is
consequence of any of the following circumstances: improper installation, use
improper service, unauthorized service, overheating, inclusion of foreign materials
or original parts, lack of maintenance or incorrect application of the same,
excess moisture, deterioration or wear, corrosion, excess dust, impacts or
scratches, short circuits, severe voltage fluctuations or any other cause not
limited by the above list but to be considered as a reason that may
cause a malfunction.
Finally, the guarantee is void if the damages had been caused directly
or indirectly by the client or third parties. There is no money back, you will be awarded
a credit to your account.